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Ancient Hittites

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Following Eucharist and breakfast, we drove to the Ankara Museum, with its collection of artifacts dating back to the early bronze age (well before 1000 BC). (In the photo, the ancient figure is to the right.) We left Ankara (the capital of Turkey, about 6 million people) and drove south in the beautiful countryside area known in Paul's day as Galatia (a region, not a city). We made a brief stop at Salt Lake (very shallow and very salty), from which many facial and skin products are made. Another stop was at a fascinating undeground village dating back to the ancient Hittites, who used it for protection from their enemies. The second picture is of the beautiful countryside in that area. We are staying tonight and tomorrow night in a very nice hotel in Cappadocia.

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In Turkey

Yesterday, after a relaxing Sunday in Amman, we traveled to Ankara (via Istanbul) and met our new companions for the two-week course on Paul and Turkey that starts this morning (Tuesday). It looks like it will be a fascinating course (even though last night our hotel had no internet and this morning no hot water - Paul had neither, either!).

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Baptismal Site

8UploadedFile0.jpg On Saturday we left our beautiful Dead Sea spot and drove to the spot where it is believed that Jesus was baptized. Since the Jordan is considerably smaller than it was in Jesus' day, the recognized spot is a short walk from today's water. It was special to see the closeness of Mt Nebo and the spot where it is believed that Elijah went to heaven. A number of ancient, as well as modern, churches were built on or near the presumed location of Jesus' baptism. After a visit there we drove to Amman for a traditional dinner in a very nice restaurant, where we said goodbye to our great touring companions, Norm and Rose, George and Agnes, Bruce and Sue, Beverly, Susan and Rich. As they went to the airport, we went to our very nice hotel (Kempinski) in Amman. Today (Sunday) is a very leisurely day before leaving early on Monday to fly to Ankara, Turkey, and our first two-week course..

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The view of the Promised Land

UploadedFile3.jpg 1UploadedFile4.jpg UploadedFile5.jpg Today (Friday) we left Petra and drove to Mt. Nebo, the place from which Moses viewed the promised land. It was an awesome feeling to know that we were standing near the spot from which Moses most likely viewed the Promised Land. We looked over the wilderness (desert) and saw the beautiful green of the Jordan Valley, with its promise of a land of "milk and honey" on the other side of the Jordan River. Then we drove to our hotel for tonight, the Dead Sea Spa - a beautiful resort on the Dead Sea. Jeanette and I both did our "float" in the Dead Sea and now will remain here until around 3 PM tomorrow. I have been impressed with the country of Jordan, a place which, despite being the fourth-poorest counry in the world in relation to water supply, seems to welcome all people equally. The problem on the Syrian border is all of the refugees coming into the country, with there being a terrible shortage of water in the morth and the government trying its best to provide for the refugees. The pictures are from Mount Nebo and the view from out of hour hotel window looking toward the Dead Sea.

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Petra - Amazing!

7UploadedFile0.jpg 3UploadedFile1.jpg Today was our day in Petra, and it was almost unbelievable. We walked about 6 1/2 hours on a perfect weather day, and what we saw was amazing. (Well, I walked all the way - Jeanette road a mule part way back up and a horse much of the rest of the way). What we saw was hard to describe - a huge city from Roman times with some amazing discoveries. Some of it looks like a huge Hollywood set, but this is all very real and very ancient. It was a very amazing day!

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