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It's all over!



Well, our amazing sabbatical time is over, and tomorrow morning it's back to reality!

We are so very grateful for all of the amazing experiences we have shared - two wonderful weeks in the Holy Land with friends from Concordia and other Lutheran churches; two awesome weeks in Turkey, visiting many of the spots associated with the apostle Paul and with the early Christian church, with a course sponsored by St. George's College, an Anglican college in Jerusalem; almost a week in Istanbul, relaxing and enjoying this wonderful city; two more weeks in Jerusalem and Israel with about forty other wonderful people through St. Goerge's; several very interesting days in Cairo; a week of "recovering" at home; a great week with our family - Kathi and Jonathan, David and Heather, and Abby, Emily and Ethan in Branson, Missouri; and two more weeks at home of "getting it all together," including the preparation of a brief video overview of our sabbatical travels. If you are reading this, we hope you might be able to join us Concordia next Sunday, July 15th, at noon for our special luncheon and chance to share with you nineteen minutes of our amazing sabbatical time. (If you would like to make a reservation, please call Joan at 303-989-5260 - it's free and should be great!)

We are very thankful to our family, to our church, and to the Lilly Endowment Clergy Renewal Program for their support during the time of our sabbatical.

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With the family in Branson, Missouri

UploadedFile14.jpg UploadedFile15.jpg 2UploadedFile9.jpg 2UploadedFile11.jpg We have a couple of condos for the week in the Branson area, just a half-mile (as the pigeon flies) from the big roller-coaster at Silver Dollar City (photo, from our condo). We got the season pass for the park so we can go in just for a few hours every day. The kids do the rides and the older folks (and Heather) mostly do the shows. Last night (Tuesday) we went to the amazing Dutton family show in Branson - surely must be about the best show in the area. We're having a great time with the kids. (Ethan and Abby are near the center on the swing picture, and grandma is on the big chair with her grandchildren.)

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We're home!

After a long day (and a half) of flying and waiting in airports, we arrived at home on Sunday evening. What a joy it was to see Kathi and then to see the colorful backyard that Kathi and Jonathan had prepared for our homecoming - flowers everywhere. Our beds felt good, and it is good to be home. Jeanette went to the clinic on Monday - she was dehydrated (we expected that), but she's better now. You can't imagine how grateful we are to our woonderful congregation and to the Lilly Clergy Renewal program for providing this amazing experience for us. We'll be home the rest of this week and then spending next week with our family in Branson. God is amazingly good!

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12UploadedFile3.jpg 8UploadedFile4.jpg 5UploadedFile6.jpg 5UploadedFile6.jpg 4UploadedFile7.jpg The final three days of our amazing trip were in Cairo. We stayed in an absolutely wonderful hotel (the Kempinski - a chain of top hotels in many parts of the world except the USA), and we hired a private guide for the three days there, and he was wonderful. Jeanette was a bit "under the weather" those days, so we moved a little more slowly, but we saw the great pyramids, Alexandria, and the awesome museum in Cairo. The "King Tut" exhibit was beyond imagination - almost unbelievable things that had been discovered. Egypt was a great place to end our travels - we loved everything except the traffic - you would never believe how everybody drives there. The poverty and economic conditions are almost appalling - we're so grateful for the blessings we have in our country.

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St. George's

34UploadedFile0.jpg 28UploadedFile1.jpg 18UploadedFile2.jpg We wanted to share with you some pictures of the beautiful campus of St. George's College in Jerusalem. Our Turkey course was from there, and the Jesus and Palestine course took place there. St. George's is an Anglican (Epicopalian to us Americans) college that offers a number of two-week courses throughout the year, like the one we took in Turkey and the one in Jerusalem. It's a beautiful campus and a great program. If you'd like to visit the Holy Land at some point, I would strongly encourage you to consider this course as an alternative to traditional tours - it is absolutely wonderful. If you have any questions, I'd love to tell you about it.

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